Foam am

I came across some foam lying amongst the granite rocks on the morning walk with Kayla a day or so after the sea mist had appeared:

 It has been some time since there has been foam in the  intertidal zone. 

The foam   had come in with the high tide early in that morning.  There wasn't much. It was quite isolated, but it was still clean and fresh looking.   


This picture of  water at a rocky outcrop west of  Kings Head in Waitpinga was made just after I acquired a new, full frame  digital camera--a Sony Alpha A7r111. I was trying to see if the camera was an improvement on my earlier digital camera--a Sony NEX-7. Was it worth the money that I paid to go full frame?

A test image if you like to assess the dynamic range from white  to black:  

I was fascinated by the water rushing through the crevice in the rocks. It was low tide and that allowed me to I climb down into the crevice to photograph the rocks and water. This is not something that I would normally do on this outcrop, as it is quite dangerous.