drift wood + foam

On the Esplanade Beach in the early morning around sunrise.

 It has been a while since kayla and I have walked along this beach.  We have returned because the grass seeds in the bushland are all pervasive.  

Mouth of the Inman River

My recent early morning walks with Kayla  have been on sand to gently strengthen my leg after the infection. I usually walk from Kent Reserve to the Granite causeway along Esplanade Beach, then back again along the footpath path.

 It's usually sunrise when I   cross the mouth of the Inman River near the caravan park:

I still need to avoid walking amongst  the coastal  rocks west of Petrel Cove because if I trip and fall  I may damage the  just healed  infected skin graft.  It is best to be overly cautious. Walking to Dep's Beach   or  to the rocks at the bottom of Kings Beach Rd are off limits. It is walking on the flat, hard sandy  surface of the beach for the moment to build up the muscle strength in my leg.  

early morning light

The wild storms and rain have passed.  I have returned to exploring the literal zone.  The sky is clear in the morning,  and  there is early  morning light on the coastal rocks:

The light  now is very different from that before the storms that battered South Australia.