its summer, its cold

I have stayed away from walking amongst the coastal rocks. The  cold, south-westerly winds have been continual and persistent.  Some of the gusts  have been  close to gale force. I haven't been making many photos along the littoral zone as I have been walking in the bushland  to shelter from the wind. 

It was only occasionally during  the late spring month of November  that I would  do the coastal littoral zone walk with a camera in the late afternoon: --- the conditions were that  the wind had dropped, it was overcast, and there was some warmth. 

a light study #1

 One of the photographs  that I made towards the end of 2015. I've been taking the photographs  for the  littoral zone but not uploading them. 

This picture was made just after Xmas Day and before the summer holiday crowds on the coast put the beach and the coastal rocks off limits for our poodle walks. 

At the time I was attracted by the early morning summer light  just after sunrise.