shells + feather

This  photo was made in December 2022 whilst I was on a late afternoon  poodlewalk with Maleko  along the coastal rocks in Waitpinga:

The shells and feather were there one day, gone the next. They vanished  due to the high tide and the surging waves from the strong south westerly wind.  

cuttlefish shells #2

The macro picture below of cuttlefish shells is from a recent poodlewalk amongst the coastal rocks with Maleko. It was  in the late afternoon just prior to  the Xmas/New year holiday break.  

I was on the lookout for dried out salt ponds amongst the coastal rocks at the time.  However,  as the weather had been cool,  overcast and windy, with  only  the odd  bright,  sunny days with high temperatures, the  salt ponds were few and far between.