Esplanade Beach

From an early morning poodlewalk with Kayla along Esplanade Beach in Victor Harbor. 

I was walking along the beach from the mouth of the Inman River to the Granite Island causeway.   The new  concrete causeway is nearly finished.  


I   wandered around exploring the western edge of Deps Beach  whilst  waiting for Suzanne to finish chatting with a friend  one Sunday morning.  I started  photographing the various strips of seaweed lying in the sand with my makeshift macro camera:   

I was fascinated by the colour of these  seaweed strips  in the early morning light. I had never seen this type of seaweed before. It was all over the sand at the western edge  of the beach. 

at Dep's Beach

This image  of a detail of the  coastal granite rock was made on an early  morning  poodle walk with Kayla and Ari: 

We had a morning of gentle winter sunlight amidst all the  winter rains.  It  didn't last as  it started  raining now latter in the day.  It is also very cold. More winter storms are expected.