still life

Autumn has arrived at Encounter Bay. I've started to return to walking amongst the coastal rocks with Maleko  on the late afternoon poodlewalks. This return happens when there is some cloud cover,  the light is soft and there are photographic possibilities.    

These walks are still infrequent. The morning cloud usually disappears during the day and the afternoons are  clear and sunny. The strong coastal winds that marked the summer months have eased.  

I've suddenly realized that the photography on The Littoral Zone is part of the historic transformation of photography from tangible objects—prints, plates, and negatives—to code: intangible bits, bytes, and pixels. An integral part of the momentum toward dematerialization since most of the digital photos on The Littoral Zone are not negatives and will not be printed. This photography is virtual rather than object based-- as in  film photography.  

So we have two strands of photography: the virtual and the physical.