Petrel Cove: seaweed + iron

The sand on the beach  at Petrel Cove in Victor Harbor comes and goes, and it does so quite regularly.  When the sand  is washed away during the winter months and only the rocks remain,  an old, rusty engine is exposed. 

My guess is that the  engine  was dumped  over the cliffs as rubbish quite some time ago. It's more than likely that it is  an old  car engine, rather than  a tractor engine due to its size.  Then the sand returns and the engine disappears from view.   The dumping  of household rubbish on the side of the back country roads is still quite common around  Victor Harbor and Waitpinga.

Normally the strands of seaweed  sit amongst, or on top of,  the granite rocks on the foreshore. The colours of this kind of  seaweed vary a lot, but  they are usually a deep brown.    

In such cases I  am pretty much photographing in low light situations on the late afternoon poodlewalks.