cuttlefish, seaweed, granite

This macro photo was made yesterday morning whilst I was walking along Dep's Beach in Waitpinga with Kayala towards Kings Beach.  

The recent mornings have been soft, with little wind and a soft  haze. Surprisingly so, for late summer. It has been a gentle summer so far. There have been no 14 fortnight long heatwaves. 

cuttlefish shells

This pile of cuttlefish shells  was at the western end of Dep's Beach on the southern Fleurieu Peninsula.  I stumbled upon them whilst I was on a late afternoon  poodlewalk with Kayla and Maleko. I presume the shells  had been collected and piled up  by kids during the recent school holidays.

I came across  the shells  around the time of this excursion to Granite Island. The shells  were packed up between  the rocks in deep shade.