I   wandered around exploring the western edge of Deps Beach  whilst  waiting for Suzanne to finish chatting with a friend  one Sunday morning.  I started  photographing the various strips of seaweed lying in the sand with my makeshift macro camera:   

I was fascinated by the colour of these  seaweed strips  in the early morning light. I had never seen this type of seaweed before. It was all over the sand at the western edge  of the beach. 

Foam am

I came across some foam lying amongst the granite rocks on the morning walk with Kayla a day or so after the sea mist had appeared:

 It has been some time since there has been foam in the  intertidal zone. 

The foam   had come in with the high tide early in that morning.  There wasn't much. It was quite isolated, but it was still clean and fresh looking.