a light study #1

 One of the photographs  that I made towards the end of 2015. I've been taking the photographs  for the  littoral zone but not uploading them. 

This picture was made just after Xmas Day and before the summer holiday crowds on the coast put the beach and the coastal rocks off limits for our poodle walks. 

At the time I was attracted by the early morning summer light  just after sunrise. 


During the Xmas/New Year's break  children have been playing in and  the rocks of the wilder beaches  that are unsafe for swimming.  When walking  with the  standard poodles in the morning I came across some of the little constructions from found objects in the sand or amongst the rocks. 

An example:

Mostly the constructions are circles, triangles or squares made from bits  of broken  white cuttlefish shells. 0515 was more adventurous and  it required a lot more scouting around to find the  wood and the iron. The wood  had disappeared by the next day. 


The big rolling waves, caused  by the strong south-easterly winds,  resulted in  the southern ocean foaming up when it crashed against the coastal rocks. You don't see this very foam, or the extent of it,  often along this coast of the southern Fleurieu Peninsula.   

Of all the Australian beach icons ---the lifesaver, the beach belle and the beach bum, the surfer and the sunbather--- you occasionally see the surfer at this beach. There are no beachobatics as photographed on Bondi by George Caddy in the late 1930s. 

The beach icon at Deps Beach is the dog walker in the early morning our later afternoon.  It's not even families at play, since it is not a safe beach due to the strong rips along this part of the coast.  



salt encrusted rock

I am taking lots more photos along  the coastal shore now that we are living own the coast at Encounter Bay, Victor Harbor. These are made during the morning and evening poodle walks with a digital camera (a Sony NEX-7) and I use them as a form a kind of visual diary. 

This salt encrusted rock is an example: 

I upload them to Lightroom and then look at them on the computer screen to see what works. In the past I'd go   back and reshoot with a film camera if the image worked.   But I don't anymore. I am happy just sticking with digital.