rock study #6

A detail in the coastal rock that I'd noticed whilst on a poodle walk. I would pass it by every time we walked to Dog Beach. It recalled the abstract modernist photographers ---eg., Aaron Siskind--- associated with the abstract expressionist movement.

 Siskind emphasize the modernist concern with the flatness of the picture plane and his  approach to picture making emphasised  close-up framing, as well as an emphasis on texture, line, and visual rhymes  to creating abstract images of found objects  in the real world. 

Port Willunga cliffs

The sandstone cliffs at Port Willunga intrigued me because they were in a process of disintegration. Their base was being eaten away by the rising sea levels.

I had an idea of using the 8x10  Cambo and colour film to photography the erosion.  This was the first scoping exercise. That was before I knew that the Council kept clearing away the rubble on the foreshore and how difficult it would be to  carry the 8x10 over the rocks. 

rock study #3

Suddenly I was serious. I wanted to start doing  large format photography along the coastal zone. I had  restored the equipment and I wanted to use it. So  I carried an 8x10 monorail and associated equipment along the cliff top path  down  to the coastal rocks. 

It was a struggle to carry the gear in the early morning.  The poodles tracked me when they were walking with Suzanne. 

rock study #1

This is basically where I started exploring the coastal zone in a serious manner. I used a medium format camera, tripod and slow film  in the early morning.  I  climbed down and up  the cliffs with all the equipment to reach the  foot of the cliff,

The  foot of the cliff was  right on the  edge  of the sea at high tide. The dogs came with me on that occasion. I had to help them climb up the slippery waterfall section  of the cliff face.