Quartz study

I have been wondering what to do with the body of  Littoral Zone images that I am continually photographing with a digital camera whilst I am on my  morning and evening poodle walks.

I have pretty much given  up  the idea of scoping and then going back to reshoot them with my film cameras , which is what  I used to.   There is just too many digital images now.  As a result the digital images keep on  building up in the iMac's hard drive.    

I don't have a project  with this body of work. Just a lot of images that I am unsure what to do with.    

winter seas

The 2016 winter has been very stormy and wet with a few sunny , calm days in-between. Consequently, we have seen  wild, surging seas along the granite coast west of the  Victor Harbor township and Rosetta Head.  The   picture below was made whilst on an early  morning poodle walk at Dep's Beach.

All the sand on Dep's  Beach and at Petrel Cove has been washed away during the storms.