Quartz study

I have been wondering what to do with the body of  Littoral Zone images that I am continually photographing with a digital camera whilst I am on my  morning and evening poodle walks.

I have pretty much given  up  the idea of scoping and then going back to reshoot them with my film cameras , which is what  I used to.   There is just too many digital images now.  As a result the digital images keep on  building up in the iMac's hard drive.    

I don't have a project  with this body of work. Just a lot of images that I am unsure what to do with.    

a pile of stones

This pile of stones at the base  of the cliffs just west of Petrel Cove had been collected by children during the school holidays:

 There is a rough path or track along a cutting that runs down from the  top of the cliffs to the rocky foreshore  below and the stones are neatly stacked against  some  granite rocks. 

near Basham's Beach

This picture was made whilst I was on an afternoon poodle walk around the granite outcrop between  Basham's Beach and  Port Elliot on the southern Fleurieu Peninsula with Ari and Maleko. I'd been to see the director of the South Coast Regional Art Gallery at Goolwa about the Mallee Routes project and I  decided to walk around the granite outcrop.  

 I'm toying with using this some of the images on this blog as the basis for small artist's book. A little side project. A modest project.